Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Camps Camps and you guessed it More Camps

It been karate here band camp there piano, cooking, trumpet, robotics, and camping on top of that
So I guess you can say this is not a summer of relaxation but I like them all so I guess it is relaxation to me. we are planning a bake sale for Elijah this weekend I want to raise over $500 for Elijah that's my goal nothing to stop me
unless were out of eggs. So far all of my work out has been lugging around trumpet but I have found out that I am losing about .5 lb every day which is not good since I am an 4,5 ft 8Th grader
(which is really small) but you would have to be weak and small to lose weight like me.
I hope you all keep commenting it really means a lot to me. I will try to run but as you now know I am quite busy but I get exercise in other ways.


Tammy said...

Hey Jazzy Girl!!! Well you blog can be all about your summer seems to me you have your hands full. Thank you for your helpful hints and comments on my blog, I hope all is well. I wanted to ask you who Elijah was??? Is it someone you are raising money for a friend or a someone you went to school with? I was thinking of raising money for the folks out in Mid West to help them get back on their feet from the floods. I'll keep you posted. I may contact the red cross so see if maybe if I give them an idea, I can arrange it with them. Well got to go, talk to you soon and love you always, Your aunt Tammy

jazzgirl said...

Elijah is an 8 year old boy with cancer and i have raised $45.35 from a small garage sale so i hope this answers your question